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CE Marking


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CE Marking Stands For The “Conformity European”. It Is A Trade Passport For The European Union (EU). It Refers To The Safety Assurance Of The Product Not To The Quality Assurance. The CE Marking Is A Key Indicator (But Not Proof) Of A Product’s Compliance With European Union (EU) Health, Safety And Environmental Protection Directives And Regulations. CE Marking Does Not Indicate That A Product Was Made In The European Union. The CE Mark Also Is Not A Quality Mark. CE Marking Generally Leads To Increase In Product Visual Appeal, And Improved Safety, A Improved IFU And Brings Confidence To Importers Of Europe As Well As The Manufacturer.

CE Marking (Also Known As CE Mark) Is A Mandatory Conformity Mark On Many Products Placed On The Single Market In The European Economic Area (EEA). Officially, CE Has No Meaning As An Abbreviation, But May Have Originally Stood For European Accordance (European Community) Or Conformities Europeans ("European Conformity"). By Affixing The CE Marking, The Manufacturer Or Person Placing The Product On The Market Or Putting It Into Service Asserts That The Item Meets All The Essential Requirements Of The Relevant European Directive's). Product Directives Contains The "Essential Requirements" And/Or "Performance Levels" And "Harmonized Standards" To Which The Products Must Conform. Harmonized Standards Are The Technical Specifications (European Standards Or Harmonization Documents). CE Marking Confirms That A Product Satisfies The Legislative Requirements, E.G. A Harmonised Level Of Safety, The CE Marking Services Demonstrates That A Product Conforms To The Essential Requirements Set In The EU. This Means That The Product Is Safe And Fit For The Purpose For Which It Was Made. CE Marking Which Is For A Product Or Its Packaging, Is Considered Proof That A Product Has Met The Requirements Of The Harmonized European Standard.

CE Marking Does Not Indicate That A Product Was Made In The EEA, But Merely States That The Product Is Assessed Before Being Placed On The Market And Thus Satisfies The Legislative Requirements (E.G. Harmonised Level Of Safety) To Be Sold There. It Means That The Manufacturer Has Verified That The Product Complies With All Relevant Essential Requirements (E.G.Safety, Health , Environmental Protection Requirements) Of The Applicable Directive(S) – Or, If Stipulated In The Directive(S), Has Had It Examined By A Notified. CE Marking Certification Is A Mandatory To Export Products To Europe. With The CE Marking On A Product The Manufacturer Ensures That The Product Is In Conformity With The Essential Requirements Of The Applicable EC Directives. CE Mark Is Affixed To A Product By The Manufacturer Or Authorized Representative After Ensuring That The Product Meets All The CE Mark Requirements. CE Mark Can Be Notified Or Non-Notified.

The European CE Certification Procedure Has Been Mainly Set Up To:

Harmonize All Varying National Regulations For Consumer And Industrial Products In European Member States, So That The Single Market Is Encouraged.

Bring About Cost Savings For Producers

Enhance The Safety Of Products

Supply Public Bodies With A Uniform Procedure That Can Be Checked

Requirements of CE Marking:

Considering Safety Of Products, Directives (Laws) Are Prepared By European Union

Some Of The Directives Are Machinery Directive, Low Voltage Directive, EMC Directive, ATEX Directive, Lift Directive, Construction Directive Etc.

Product Under Consideration To Be CE Marked Shall Comply With Directive Requirements

Such Requirements May Include Testing Of Products In Competent Laboratory

After Complying, A Technical Construction File (TCF) Shall Be Developed

Some Of Products Can Be CE Marked Under Self Certification Category. Where As Considering Unsafe Nature Of Products, Certain Products Can Be CE Marked Only By Notified Agencies


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Quality Assessment Bureau is One Of The Leading Business Management Consulting Organizations Offering Business Management Consulting Services To Organizations Of All Nature And Size.

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