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ISO 9001:2008-2016


Quality Assessment Bureau Is One Of The Leading Business Management Consulting Organizations Offering Business Management Consulting Services To Organizations Of All Nature And Size.

ISO 9001 Is The Internationally Recognized Standard For Quality Management Systems (QMS). It Provides Your Company With A Set Of Principles That Ensure A Common Sense Approach To The Management Of Your Business Activities To Consistently Achieve Customer Satisfaction. ISO 9001 Is A Quality Management Standard.

It Applies To All Types Of Organizations. It Doesn't Matter What Size They Are Or What They Do. It Can Help Both Product And Service Organizations Achieve Standards Of Quality That Are Recognized and Respected Throughout the World.

The Purpose Of ISO 9001 Is To Facilitate International Trade By Providing A Single Standard That Is Recognized And Respected Globally. It Is A Generic Standard And Is Applicable To Organizations In All Areas Of Work. Many Govt And Public Industry Agencies Such As Manufacturing, Processing, Servicing, Educational, Healthcare, Forestry, Legal, Financial Services, Banking, Retailing Transport, Airports, Police Departments As Such On Also Implement ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Benefits of ISO Registration

Customer Satisfaction – Through Delivery Of Products That Consistently Meet Customer Requirements

Reduced Operating Costs – Through Continual Improvement Of Processes And Resulting Operational Efficiencies

ISO Certification Is Passport Of Your Organisation For Overseas Business

Improved Stakeholder Relationships – Including Staff, Customers And Suppliers

Legal Compliance – By Understanding How Statutory And Regulatory Requirements Impact On The Organization And Its Your Customers

Improved Risk Management – Through Greater Consistency And Traceability Of Products And Services

Proven Business Credentials – Through Independent Verification Against Recognized Standards

Ability To Win More Business – Particularly Where Procurement Specifications Require Certification As A Condition To Supply

With ISO Certification Employees Are Clear About What To Do, And How It Is To Be Done

ISO 9001 Implementation Helps To Manage The Resources Effectively

ISO Certificate Is Requirement In Majority Of Govt Tenders And Others Departments

ISO 9001:2008 Is Important Because Of Its International Acceptance. It Is Recognized In More Than 120 Countries And Is The Logical Choice For Any Organisation Involved In International Business Or Committed To Quality

The Term 'Quality' Refers To All Those Features Of A Product Or Service Which Are Required By The Customer. An Organization’s 'Quality Management' Refers To an Organization’s Actions to Ensure That Its Products or Services Satisfy Its Customers' Quality Requirements and Complies with Any Regulations Applicable to Those Products or Services.


1. Establish Your Organization's QMS

2. Document Your Organization's QMS

3. Implement Your Organization's QMS

4. Maintain Your Organization's QMS

5. Improve Your Organization's QMS

Perceived Benefits / Advantages Of ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Better Efficiency.
Consistent Control Of Key Processes.
Possible Reduction In Insurance Premiums.
Better Understanding Of Customer Expectations.
Identify & Reduce Wastages In Organisation.
Promotion And Standardization Of Good Working Practices.
Greater Marketing Appeal And Improved Public Relations.
Meeting The Requirements For Inclusion On Some Tender Lists.
Provision Of A Vehicle For Training New Employees.
The Effective Management Of Risk.
Provision Of A Vehicle For Introducing A Culture For Opportunity.
Increasing The Potential For World-Wide Recognition.

Clients Consistently Report Many Benefits From Gaining ISO 9001. These Include:

Greater Management Control
Greater Clarity About What They Do And How
Improvements In Customer Satisfaction
Having A 'Much Better Handle'
On What They Are Doing, Increased Employee Satisfaction
Reduced Rework And Frustration
Reduced Maintenance Effort.

We Are Specializes In The Entire Range Of ISO Certification Standards. Our Self Provide World Class Consulting Services For Achieving ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System)

We Provide ISO Certification Consultancy In All Over India For All Types Of Business and Nature Of Size At Cheapest Rates. We Are The Best Consultants in India (Punjab, Himachal, Chandigarh, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir And Delhi.


We promise our customer to give life long support for our “Quality Assessment Bureau”

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Quality Assessment Bureau is One Of The Leading Business Management Consulting Organizations Offering Business Management Consulting Services To Organizations Of All Nature And Size.

What We Do?

ISO 9001 Is The Internationally Recognized Standard For Quality Management Systems (QMS). ISO 9001 Is A Quality Management Standard.

ISO 22000 Certification Defines Food Safety Management System Standard; ISO 22000 Is An International Certification Standard That Defines The Requirements Of Food Safety Management Systems.

ISO 14001 Is An Environmental Management Standard. It Defines a Set of Environmental Management Requirements for Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

HACCP Stands For Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System, A Food Safety Management System Basically Depends On The Principal Of HACCP.

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